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What's the advantage of laminated glass with SGP Film?

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  • Release on :2016-10-22

Sentry Glass Plus(SGP) is used in laminated glass to help the architecture and glazing building more security and energy efficiency to meet customer's requested. 

It is not only stronger and tougher,it also makes our glass blast resistant-without influencing on the appearance. 

Sentry Glass Plus can be used in glass manufactured flat or curved, including annealed,toughened,heat-strengthened,spandrel,wired,patterned and color tinted glass and so on.

SGP interlayers are available in 

3.04mm (QTY 4*0.76mm)... 

0.76mm or multiples of 0.76mm

The advantage of SGP Film,

1.Stronger: the interlayer offers 5 times of the tear strength than PVB film,and 30-100 times of the hardness than PVB film. 
2.Security: greater security from the threats such as heavy weather. 
3.Durability: greater durability in elevated tempertures. 
4.More thinner and lighter than PVB. 
5.Excellent weather and Edge Stability. 

SGP laminated glass manufacturer price

Application of SGP laminated glass,

1.bulletproof,anti-explosion glass.use for cash truck,prison,bank etc. 
2.glass ceiling,sunvisor. 
3.glass stair (it can be perfect adheres well with metals).
4.handrail,balustrade,hurricane resistant. 5.train's windshield.

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