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Does sound insulated glass have effect?

Does sound insulated glass have effect?

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-11-01 20:13:15

If a house beside the road, residents are harassing in the daily life, let person very off-putting.However, the advent of noise glass, will to some extent alleviate this problem. For some friends, the sound insulated glass is still a new thing, so many people will ask:the sound insulation glass useful? 

What is soundproof glass?

soundproof glass is a kind of glass product, play a protective effect on sound is usually the structure of the double layer or multi-layer composite laminated glass. The glass film in the middle of laminated glass plays a key role in the weakening of sound transmission. Glass products including laminated glass.

How the sound insulation glass effects? 

Now the market is known as there are three main kinds of sound insulation glass, these 3 kinds of sound insulation glass have distinguishing feature each, the performance is different also, we have to analyze their features,lets come to see the sound insulation glass useful? 

The first is a double insulated glass 

Double insulated glass has been used widely by many real estate developers, now main function is to heat preservation, for the high frequency noise (such as voice) have certain sound insulation effect, but for the medium and low frequency noise, such as automobile, machine noise sound insulation effect is not obvious. 

The second is multilayer solid insulation glass: 

There are super play sound insulation membrane, among the glass section is similar to the car's windshield and bank counter bulletproof glass, after installation effect at about 35 decibels, basic can't hear the noise, the equivalent of suburban luxury hotels, nursing homes and workplace environment.For high frequency/intermediate frequency and low frequency noise have good sound insulation effect.

The third is the vacuum glass: 

Vacuum glass generally is composed of two layers of 4 mm thick plate glass, leave space of about 0.28 mm thickness between two layers of glass used in vacuum.In sound insulation performance, vacuum glass is better than insulated glass, this is because the air inside the insulated glass is the same with the outside world, is the sound propagation medium;and vacuum glass is almost a vacuum,noise cannot be conductive by the vacuum.This kind of sound insulation glass is commonly used in laboratory, recording studios, such as don't need to open the window, not a wide range of civil, and the price is very high.

In fact, the vacuum glass in the pumping vacuum, the two pieces of glass is almost attached together, so the production of vacuum glass in the glass lining between some minor support, these support has become a sound transmission medium. So no matter what the noise can not be completely separated from all the noise of glass, the glass can only be reduced to a certain extent.

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