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Have you heard about Amoy Harbour?

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  • Release on :2016-11-01

Xiamen is a well-known tourist port city in the Southeast coast of China.Amoy Harbour as for one of the most important port of china,which is located between Shanghai and Guangdong, is a large deepwater port situated on the northern part of Xiamen Island.It has an excellent natural harbour and well connected to the mainland by road and rail. the main responsible for Xiamen and Fujian province international business trade transportation,also undertake the task of certain goods transfer in Jiangxi province. 

The natural coastline in the port area is 64.5 kilometres while the water is over 12m in depth. There are total 81 berths for vessels of large, medium or small tonnage, including 16 deep-water berths, of which 6 operate containers of over 10,000 tonnes. Among other cargoes handled, Xiamen is the world's largest supply base for raw tungsten materials.It is the world's largest sunglasses manufacturing base, exporting 120 million pairs each year. 

When you go there,you can find the landmark building---Xiamen harbor building. 

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Xiamen harbor,which is near to the Cruise Center.if you plan to have a travel to Gulangyu Island,you will go through this building. 

The Cruise Center 

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Shuangzi Tower

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