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Don't underestimate the inert gas in insulated glass!

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  • Release on :2016-10-14

Don't underestimate the inert gas in insulated glass!

With the national energy-saving policy more and more powerful implementation of building energy efficiency requirements are gradually increased.In addition to the ongoing promotion of low-E coated insulated glass,in the insulated glass intermediate layer filled with argon,helium and other inert gas inflatable insulating glass applications are also more and more.

Insulated glass in the inert gas relative to air,the density,thermal conductivity is small,it can slow down the middle layer of thermal convection,reducing the thermal conductivity of gas,thereby reducing the heat transfer coefficient of insulating glass,help to improve the insulated glass of the insulation performance and energy saving effect.

Generally used in the insulated glass inert gases are:argon,krypton,xenon.

Insulated glass filled with the role of inert gas.
Insulated glass is filled with an inert gas filling,can increase the product's thermal insulation function,which is not to the insulated glass into the inert gas filled glass in the energy-saving advantages,to achieve the following results:

Winter heat can be retained indoors.
Summer heat can be blocked outdoors.

Filled with argon can effectively improve the insulating glass K value,so that:

1.Reduce the condensation of the indoor side of the glass to improve the comfort.
2.Inflatable insulated glass is less prone condensation and frost,to better appreciate the outside of the landscape.

Argon as inert gas has its own characteristics can slow down the insulated glass thermal convection,so that the insulated glass insulation is better.But also can greatly improve its noise reduction effect.

Because the filled gas is a dry inert gas, can be insulated glass cavity with the moisture of air replacement out, so that the cavity environment to maintain dry, extend the life of the molecular sieve aluminum frame interval.

Insulated glass filled with inert gas standards,not less than the total volume of space 90%.

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