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Fireproof processing about the glass curtain wall

Fireproof processing about the glass curtain wall

Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd original 2016-12-04 15:25:34

1.The glass curtain wall of the fire characteristics

First of all,if the glass curtain wall construction is unreasonable or fire design problems,in the event of a fire is easy to spread in the horizontal and vertical at the same time.Generally speaking,the glass curtain wall contains two parts of the wall and window,becausse the ordinary glass at high temperatures easily broken,if the horizontal and vertical lack of effective fire isolation measures,in the event of fire,smoke homopathic wall and the inner table sreads to the next floor.

Second,the glass case of falling fire after the fire will have an impact on the fire glass.Usally curtain wall material is mainly glass,aluminum alloy frame or modeling steel frame.When the temperature reaches 6000 degrees,the steel will melt.and aluminum in the tempereature of 2500 degrees to 3300 derees will melt,so in a fire environment,making the glass is very easy to break down.In addition,high tempereature environment,the glass itself has the characteristics of rupture,thereby increasing the safety evacuation and the difficult of fire fighting.Finally,the smoke is not easy to discharge,hinder the safe evacuation and fire fighting.Taking into account the wall structure is stable and closed,the glass curtain wall is often not open the shoulder window,even opened the shower window,in order to ensure the safety of the window frame,windows are basically small,while the window pening for the hanging,and wall angle up to 45 degrees,this way not only arrow the vent area,and more open windows in the curtain wall above the wall below the window ventilation,making the external pressure greater than the internal pressure,in the event of fire,smoke is difficult to discharge.In taddition,the location of the wall window is too high,often difficult to reach,in critical situations can not be opened in time,resulting in serious security risks.According to the above reasons,the glass curtain wall does not have a good natural smoke function.

2.Fireproof processing about the glass curtain wall

General glass will break the high temperature,fire capacity is very poor,the glass curtain wall is fire isolation requirements are very different,so the general glass material must be treated by fire,so as to enhance the ability of high temperature glass.Usually include the following types of fire glass:

1)Wired glass fireproof
The glass is mainly a metal mesh composite material is added to the two layers of glass between the organic adhesive layer or inorganic adhesive layer.As a result  of the addition of metal mesh to the glass,the overall strength and compressive strength are greatly enhanced.and the fire alarm and thermal sensors can be connected to the glass for fire prevention.Mainly inorgalic glass,organic glue layer is polyvinyl chloride rubber or polyvinyl butyral glue,inorganic adhesive composition is mainly water and metal salts,including phosphate,aluminate,silicate,etc.Stainless steel is used as the wire.This glass has a drawback that it is not very transparent.

2)Composite fireproof glass
Due to the wired fireproof glass poor light transmission,if the glass using special materials,will greatly increase the cost,the price is difficult to be expensive to accept,and now the market is more common is a transparent laminated glass fireproof.The glass is usually composed of at least two layers of the general glass superimposed,the glass layer with a transparent fire adhesive bonding,and the glue will be thermal expansive.On the composite fire glass,it is the main concern is a transparent fire adhesive,which is the quality of fire-resistant adhesive directly determines the performance of the pros and cons of fire-proof glass.

First of all,the use of coated fire retardant coating and encapsulation method of glass curtain wall of steel structure for fire treatment,and then use folder wired fireproof glass,laminated glass fireproof and other high performance fireproof glass.Of course,the specific construction process in the construction unit qualification,fire protection materials,installation details should be fully considered.

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