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Laminated glass happen defects and its solution way

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  • Release on:2016-12-03

Laminated Glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer (PVB / SGP / EVA) via a controlled, highly pressurized and industrial heating process.

In the actual production process, the quality of laminated glass defects can be divided into two types, the appearance of defects and performance quality defects. Here we are based on different defects were discussed their causes and solutions:

1.The original float glass defects
The poor quality original float glass with impurity, outofflatness and other quality defects, therefore, in the production process, all should be a strict test of the raw flat glass, get rid of the unqualified raw flat glass.

2.Scratch, corrosion water stain
The scratch and corrosion water stain happen in pretreatment, on cutting processed, the cutting platform is clean or not, decides to how much and size to the scratch, the reason of corrosion water stain, happen on after finished edge polished to cleaning, air knife location is wrong,wind pressure is small, resulting the water attached on the glass surface not been dry, the solution way is according to the different glass thickness, adjust the height of the air knife, according to the actual situation to adjust the cleaning speed, aslo adjust laying angles when the glass cleaning.

A. Small bubble in glass edge
In the initial stage of the autoclave, when the pressure in the autoclave is restored to normal,the glass and film temperatures are still high (especially in the upper half of the glass edge) . So the gas will be discharged from the edge of the film, the main reason for this problem is when time of autoclave fully decompression, rather than the autoclave door when time been opened.

The solution way
Extend the cooling time of the autoclave until the temperature of the glass and the film was completely reduced to about 40℃. Take the autoclave was fully decompressed, then immediately opened the door, and measured the glass temperature. Comparison of the temperature and the autoclave temperature display value, if the deviation is large, you need to correct the temperature sensor device, the sensor can be placed in ice water 0℃ or into boiling water 100 ℃.

B. Partial bubble formation
If the under the rolling-typed pretreatment process, in the back of the glass happen bubble is due to the pre-treatment temperature is too high. Too early sealing edge of film, the bubble can not be ruled out.
 Solution: Speed up the conveyor speed to lower the temperature or turn off part of the heater

4. Films has wrinkles and visual defects
 The film been pulled in the cutting, after cutting the film retraction, resulting in some edge side no film; processing key is to ensure that the glass between the PVB heating uniform and adequate exhaust, if the rolling uneven and heating is not uniform, pre-pressurized exhaust may result in insufficient exhaust or premature edge-sealing of the film. Due to residual air bubbles, uneven film thickness and impurities can cause visual defects such as curves, dark streaks and spots.

 In handling the film, it is important to place the film flat on the glass and to ensure that there is no wrinkles between the films; to maintain the laminated glass surface temperature at 21℃__27℃ before entering the autoclave, to help prevent wrinkling and to Reduce visual defects.

5. Delamination
The main reason for delamination is that the adhesion between the laminated glass film and the glass is too low.

Check the water quality of the washing machine is below 15us, check whether the use of too much or too little detergent, glass surface left unclean (such as cutting oil or detergent), check the cleaning brush or wear too high, Check the film humidity, humidity is too high to reduce the degree of glass adhesion, relative to the film room relative humidity control in the 25 to 30%, check the glass warp or a piece of direction is not correct (tempered glass with particular attention).

Laminated Glass happen defects