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How to easily remove glass glue?

How to easily remove glass glue?

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-12-02 16:42:14

In the glass production and installation process, we need to use glass glue, such as toughened glass shelves, insulated glass windows, laminated glass railings, etc..During the installation process, in order to more safety,they all need to use glass glue. So how to remove some of the excess or residual glass of plastic it? Let us learn to learn some simple methods:

1. If a large area, then use the putty knife carefully scraping on the line! If the area is not, you can use scissors or knife gently scraping, or with banana water, gently wipe many times, the edge will be out, and then you can use a small knife, you can not leave any traces.
2. If you compare hard, then use the plastic card along the glass surface, slowly scraping, will scraping down. Because the plastic card is soft, not easy to hurt the glass surface, with a coin can, but the metal to be careful.
3. If the glass after scraping will have a layer of oil, and then touch the soft cotton cloth or soft drinks, there is no rub.
4. Wire brush can be removed to the glass glue, preferably with the kind of scratch does not spend.
5. If there is no tear, with a hair dryer against the edge of the glass edge blowing hot air tearing, so basically do not leave glue, even if there is little. If it is torn after leaving large tracts of plastic, with a towel dipped in perfume at the glue painted circle wipe.

How to wash glass glue on hand?
1. Cotton silk dip kerosene or gasoline, wipe clean, and then soap, alkali surface or washing powder can be washed.
2. Wipe the paper with a piece of paper, and then use the alkali surface or detergent add a little water, repeatedly rub, full, wash clean.
3. Wipe the large pieces, and fully dry, and then you can rub to. Glass peptizer solvent evaporation, the formation of thin film.

How to wash the glass glue on clothes?

If attached to the clothes, you can consider brush with a brush to see, if you still can not remove the glass glue, we must consider the banana water.

How to wash the glass glue on the floor ?
Glass glue on the floor according to different floors, choose a different approach.
If the material is tiles, generally relatively simple to remove them, with a knife and slowly scraped away the fixed glass glue on it.
If it is wood, foam sponge into the open flooding to heat, the water thrown slightly dry, repeated rub several times, the glass will be self-erase plastic.

How to wash the glass glue on the tile?
1. Use a degreasing detergent sprayed in place with a glass of plastic, a little wait a few minutes, wipe with a rag on the clean. 
2. Has been cured of glass plastic, if it is less, then you can directly use a sharp blade scraping,if it is large can  be wiped with a trowel wipe coating, convenient and fast.
3. Banana water can be removed with the blade, pure banana water is a colorless, transparent and volatile liquid, a strong smell of banana, slightly soluble in water, soluble in a variety of organic solvents, flammable, mainly used for painting Of the solvent and diluent.

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