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Glass application in indoor

Glass application in indoor

Jimy glass Original 2016-11-20 17:39:51

Glittering and translucent get rid of glass exists in every corner in people's lives, it reflects the bright and beautiful, bring people material and spiritual enjoyment.In people's traditional ideas are mainly used for glass door, window, and specificity.But now the glass is ubiquitous in the modern interior decoration.

(1) Glass doors

The keepers of the door is like household environment, it entered it and every person contact, therefore any modern design in the door.The door of the modern buildings are generally full glass, such as a box door, frameless door, fixed the door, open the door, automatic door, door, sliding door, revolving door manually.In the densely populated place, it is very broad, such as the major shopping malls, in addition to meet the needs of large traffic falow, is also a kind of design concept, namely the maximally eliminate the difference of building indoor and outdoor, eliminate closed miss, welcome visitors.The glass door in the household environment, not only is a kind of interior decoration, but also a way of life.

(2) Glass stairs and floor

In the modern interior decoration staircase has more and more into the glass material, glass tempered glass is fragile, fragile, it becomes a tough material. The glass staircase has strong decorative effect, exquisitely carved, decorated itself is very attractive art.

(3)Glass partition

Modern buildings and office space for the use of glass partition has become a common occurrence, the advantages of glass partition.Light weight, can reduce the structural load, glass partition is thin, can increase the indoor space.Semi enclosed, it is conducive to the circulation of indoor air, but also to eliminate the suppression of the closed buildings.Partition in the use of light can be described as a unique, can be made into a transparent glass partition, translucent.The glass partition is a huge operating space for interior decoration, which can be separated from the glass.Make all kinds of patterns on the broken, and even can be used to make glass partition of stained glass.The light fresh and luxurious feel has been widely accepted by the interior designer.

(4)Glass roof

With the development of the technology of glass production, people have invented the toughened glass and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is the reason why there are two reasons for safety glass;
The first is the strength of toughened glass with high share
The second is the tenacity of toughened glass greatly increased
The third is the failure of toughened glass debris is granular share.

Laminated glass is the reason why there are two reasons for safety glass;
The first is laminated glass is composed of at least two pieces of glass, two pieces of glass at the same time the possibility of destruction is very small.
The second is when the laminated glass is broken, because the adhesion of PVB film, glass pieces can not fall off, causing harm to the people.

Excellent material of insulated glass housetop scuttle, indoor looked up and saw the blue sky, and natural be in harmony are an organic whole is no longer a dream.

(5)Glass window

The earliest glass used in construction may be the glass window, the window compared with the past is mainly in three ways. In the past the main role window is lighting, cover chicken, glass cover. The single species, mainly because of clear float glass. The glass is thin, low intensity, window and window into combat is relatively small. Today for the glass windows wide variety, different functions, due to the thickness of the glass with high strength, modern building window open wider window partition is also growing, can be said that the window has become a modern building a beautiful landscape. The window cannot do without the support of a modern share today the window frame has been from the past simple The wooden frame for the development of steel frame, steel frame, durability, Aluminum Alloy frame frame share strength, heat insulation, fine surface, the degree of freedom of the switch, the structure of hardware are very advanced.Glass installation materials window makes it possible to modernization, insulating sex of its air-tightness, watertight, stays, installation is convenient wait for a are the crystallization of modern technology

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