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Glass underwater restaurant

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  • Release on :2017-03-09

Glass underwater restaurant, it’s located on Island of Ranlifinolhu , Conrad,Maldives. it's the only one glass underwater restaurant in the world.

The underwater restaurant named “pearl” by native language in Maldives. It’s located under the warm Indian Ocean of 5 meters and below sea level of 6 meters, length of 9 meters and width of 5 meters. The walls are made entirely of glass. Such as the glass roof, the designer used the curve tempered laminated glass and flat tempered laminated glass which perfectly helps people to enjoy the scene under the water,it said that you can Enjoy the 270 degree sea view. And it can be available 14 people to enjoy their meals at the same time.

In the restaurant, you can enjoy the colorful coral, reefs, a variety of marine life swimming among the coral reefs. It’s really interested while you having meal in such a beautiful environment. There is no doubt that the price cost very expensive. The cheapest lunch here (excluding all tips) takes $ 200. What’s more interested, perhaps considering the fish’s feeling, the menu is without any fish food in the underwater restaurant.

It is said that the Hilton Group's initial vision is to build a seabed restaurant with straight wall and glass window, after considering, the designer adopted the glass channel pattern. This pattern was designed for National Science Center of Kuala Lumpur. It’s known as one of the world's largest aquarium passages.