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How do you think about the safety issue?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-10-12

How do you think about the safety issue? 

iPhone 7 was released on Sept,2016 as people expected! 
The most different we find is the earphone.this time it match with the wireless bluetooth earphone-Wireless Apple AirPods.
It looks very fashion and convenient.But Public-health Experts pointed that Apple AirPods may harmful for our health and destory Blood Brain Barrier. 

No matter the news wrong or right,the most important we need to be care is safety.It’s our duty to keep our family/friends in safety environment.are you agree with me?

Nowadays more and more people prefer to choose the glass to decorative their bathroom with different design.Round/Square/Retangle shapes,privacy glass can be acid etched,silkscreen painting and tinted types and so on.

but safety is also very important.many news shows that the tempered glass self-explosion.what happened?how to choose the shower door glass? The most popular glass we supply for shower door is toughened glass 8mm 10mm and 12mm.there are also some customers prefer to Laminated glass,which is very safety glass for shower room.

About how to recognise tempered glass?if you are interested in,welcome contact us!