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How is the glass made?

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  • Release on :2016-10-12

How is the glass made?

Glass is made by melting together several minerals at very high temperatures.Silica in the form of sand is the main ingredient and this is combined with soda ash and limestone and melted in a furnace at temperatures of 1700°C.Other materials can be added to produce different colors or properties. 

Glass can also be coated, heat-treated, engraved or decorated.Whilst still molten,glass can be manipulated to form packaging, car windscreens, glazing or numerous other products.Depending on the end use,the composition of the glass and the rate at which it is allowed to cool will vary,as these two factors are crucial in obtaining the properties the glass maker is seeking to achieve.

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Our clear float glass is very good quality to mirror,tempered,laminate,insulate,etc,the yield would be higher than 98%.