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How does bulletproof glass bank window work?

  • Author:Bernice
  • Source:www.glassmanufacturerchina.com
  • Release on :2019-06-29
How does bullet proof glass bank window work?

bullet proof glass window bank

1. Why we use laminated glass as bullet proof glass bank window?
Difference between annealed monolithic glass and laminated glass when broken:
annealed glass vs laminated glass

2. How does bullet proof glass bank window work to prevent the bullet go through?
It use the toughness and elasticity of the inter layer to slow down the bullet speed:

bullet proof glass how to slow down the bullet speed

3. What's the thickness of bullet proof glass bank window?

Usually at least 3 layers glass is required for safety, most popular structures are 8+1.52+8+1.52+8mm, 8+1.52+12+1.52+8mm.
Sometimes we have to add a extra spallshield to make the safety upgraded:
thickness of bullet proof glass bank window

4.What's The differences between PVB and SGP bullet proof glass bank window?
SGP laminated glass is with better toughness, and it will not fall down when broken, supply better protection. And PVB inter layer bullet proof glass price is more competitive.
differences between PVB and SGP

5.Why we don't have tempered glass in bulletproof glass bank window even it's 3-5 times harder than annealed glass?

A. If the bulletproof glass is tempered, after the impact, the glass broken into granulated, the film in the middle of the glasses is completely soft, and the whole glass is easily collapsed. The normal glass is broken after being impacted, and the rigidity of the glass is not the graininess, still with the protecting effect.

B. The tempered glass is broken into granulated after being impacted. The line of sight inside and outside the counter is completely blocked. The staff inside the counter are completely unaware of the outside situation. Reasonable protective measures cannot be taken in time.

tempered glass

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