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Would you like to find a reliable building glass supplier from China?

  • Author:JIMY GLASS
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  • Release on :2019-06-27
Would you like to find a reliable building glass supplier from China?
How is JIMY Glass's Business?

After June, half a year has passed, in the past six months of 2019, JIMY GLASS all groups are working hard on every step to provide the high quality glass for all our clients, together with them win many high-end projects, and our high quality glass get more and more reputation on the market.

Which types of Building Glass are we exporting?

We have exported so many deep processed glass(tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass) for many project like the glass balustrade, glass partition wall, glass roof/skylight glass, glass window, glass door, glass floor, glass padel court, etc. The glass type include of the 8mm 10mm clear tempered glass, 12mm low iron tempered glass, 13.52 clear tempered laminated glass, 17.52 clear toughen laminated balustrade glass, 15+15+15 ultra clear smart film glass, 6+6 common laminated glass, 8+8 reflective tempered glass, 8+8 low E double glazing glass, 8+8.38 insulated glass, 25.52mm low iron tempered laminated glass, gold reflective hard strength glass, super clear laminated glass, and so on.
Some photos of our tempered glass&laminated glass loading into Container for shipping.
glass loading

How will we work for supplying good quality glass?

Quality is our business, we strict on quality control and checking all are better before loading to ensure that all the glass we are provide to our clients are without any problem. They have no worries about their customer complaint.

We have strong packing and stronger loading for keep the glass to be safe to arrive.

How is Customers' Feedback for our glass?
good comments for JIMY Glass

How to get in touch with us?

To know more about us and our glass, please contact us any time by whatsapp message, phone calls or emails. We will reply you professionally within 12 hours.