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How important is the PVB film for laminated glass?

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  • Release on :2016-11-08

PVB film is a PVB-based plastic film, mainly for the production of laminated safety glass. After a long period of research and development, PVB has good purity, transparency, light stability, strong adhesion with glass, and PVB film can absorb almost 100% of the UV, etc. The laminated glass with PVB film, is mainly used in automotive and construction.


For the construction industry of glass assembly, only the high adhesion film could increase the life of laminated glass. PVB is precisely because of this quality, to be world-renowned, and has become the world's architectural glass assembly used film.


PVB interlayer film is made of polyvinyl butyral resin, plasticized by DHA plasticized extrusion molding of a polymer material. The general thickness is 0.38mm and we could use many layers 0.38mm PVB to make the laminated glass, depends on the specific requirements. The PVB film has good adhesion, with the feature of transparent, heatproof, cold proof, wet proof, high strength, etc. make the PVB laminated glass can be used for insulating glass doors and windows. As we all know, the ordinary hollow glass generally does not have anti-collision performance, but if the insulating glass made with the PVB laminated glass, will become a safety glass.


According to different purposes, laminated glass can be divided into flat laminated glass, curved laminated glass, bullet-proof laminated glass, anti-theft laminated glass and decorative laminated glass. And with the security, insulation, noise control and isolation of ultraviolet PVB film, the laminated glass could use in any area where need high security, like flat laminated glass is widely used in building windows and doors, floors, partition walls, skylights, curtain walls, ceiling sunroofs, etc., curved laminated glass can be used for lift sightseeing elevator, shopping malls hotel revolving door, balustrade, etc., bullet-proof glass and anti-theft glass can be used for banks, securities companies, insurance companies and other financial enterprises operating room, gold and silver jewelry shops, museums, prisons and other places counter, etc.


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