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The advantage of super white glass on the curtain wall

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-11-09

Super white float glass,also called low iron float glass,ultra clear float glass,it is manufactured in the same manner as ordinary float glass with a large percentage (more than 91%) of the iron content removed.It widely used in balustrade,balcony,skylight,canopy,curtain wall,jewelry display cases,greenhouse,solar panels,museum cases,etc.

Today let us talk about the advantage of super white glass on the curtain wall. 

1.Super high transparency,have a good permeability Ultra clear float glass not only have all performance of the standard float glass,but also has more superior optical properties,high visible light transmittance,in generally more than 91%,coated ultra clear low-e insulated glass for curtain wall,it can increase permeability,reduce the lighting cost effectively. 

2.Low iron tempered glass,the self-explosion rate is more lower after tempering Due to the raw materials of low iron float glass contains less impurities,with a refined control in the melting process of raw materials,it made low iron float glass more pure than ordinary float glass,then make the self-explosion rate more lower.It is more safe than the ordinary glass used in the curtain wall. 

3.Have a balance color and good looking appearance Due to the low content of raw material is much lower than the ordinary glass,ultra-white glass relative to the ordinary glass of visible light in the green band absorption less,to ensure the consistency of the color of the glass,to avoid the color problem of glass curtain wall,caused the not good appearance.

4.More less heat absorption Ultra-white glass is more less heat absorption than the ordinary float glass,it can reduce heat loss,it is more suitable for double silver low e insulating glass used in the curtain wall. 

Ultra clear float glass,it is perfect to make ultra clear tempered glass,ultra clear laminated glass,ultra clear insulating glass,etc.If you are interested in,welcome contact us for details.

ultra clear tempered insulating glass for curtain wall