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How to buy high quality clear float glass?

  • Author:jimyglass
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  • Release on :2016-10-11

How to buy high quality clear float glass? 

Jimy Glass C.Ltd is one of famous China professional glass factory, main producing 
high quality float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass,etc. And with more than 23 
year experienced on building glass filed, there’s some suggestion for you how to verify 
the high quality clear float glass as follow: 

1.Smooth and distortion free flat surface, easy to cut.

2.Optical clarity with high light transmission

3.Its no scratches, no bubbles, no spots, no impurity etc.

4.The color of high quality clear float glass, looks more brightly and beautiful

5The glass thickness tolerance of ±0.2mm

6. High quality clear float glass with stronger hardness and Intensity not easy to broken.

7 Its perfect for tempered, laminated, mirrored, and other deep processed and with
 high yield. 

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