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How to check the quality of curved tempered laminated glass?

  • Author:TRISTA
  • Source:ORINGINAL
  • Release on :2019-10-23
How to check the quality of curved tempered laminated glass?

Curved tempered laminated glass is more and more popular for projects such as railings for office building, balustrades for shopping malls, stair handrail for villa, and glass roof in railway/metro station, shop front ,curtain walls or glass dome for buildings.
For perfect performance of glass and installation well finished, the quality of curved toughen laminated safety glass is much important.
Today we will be glad to share with you one of order from our Singapore client. As the serious buyer, they have high requirements for the glass and had the inspection after our production.

You may wonder, how is our inspection procedure for the curved laminated glass product?
Here below is the guideline:

1) Firstly, check the glass surface,  our glass raw material adopts the best quality glass with no bubbles, no chips, no scratches, no stones with super smooth and flawless surface.
curved tempered laminated glass

2) Secondly, check the glass size, the diagonal, the thickness, the curved angle and the radius. Accuracy means perfect. Good for installation.

3) Thirdly, check the lamination quality.  With no bubbles, no pinholes, no stone, no dirts inside, no delamination, no overlap etc.

4)  Finally, check the logo printing, such as the color, the location ,size. Also same for the holes or cuts.  The accurate processing is very important for the installation for projects.

As the professional processor for building glass and the reliable seller for exportation. We always pay lots of attention to the quality and service for every glass order from every client which new client or cooperated client. Small or bulk quantity. To do the win-win business, It is our honor to offer our best quality products and service.

Any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us any time. We will reply you within 12hours.