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How to choose the best glass windows and doors?

How to choose the best glass windows and doors?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2016-11-03 18:45:49

In nowadays, the glass is a very important part of the doors and windows, and there are many types of glass could use to make windows and doors, so except the specifications, do you know what else we should consider when we choose the glass windows and doors? Below give you some suggestions.


1. Windows and doors with common toughened glass

If use the tempered glass on both sides of the indoor and outdoor, then the impact resistance and security of the glass are greatly improved on both sides. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5 to 10 times than normal glass, and the bending resistance of tempered glass is 3 to 5 times than ordinary glass. So for security, tempered glass is great choice for windows and doors.


2. Windows and doors with heat absorption coating glass

If your house towards to the sun, you could use endothermic coated glass outdoor, and use ordinary clear glass indoor. As the endothermic glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate solar energy by 20% to 30%, thus reducing the heat energy entering the room, so in the summer, the air-conditioning cost can be reduced. And in the winter, the indoor temperature is increased by absorbing infrared light, which can resist the outside cold, so it also achieves energy saving effect. What’s more, the heat-absorbing glass is a color glass, so except energy-saving, it also have very obvious decoration effect.


3. Windows and doors with energy-efficient insulating glass

Since the thermal conductivity of the sealed intermediate air layer is much lower than that of the glass, the insulating properties of the insulating glass can be doubled as compared with the monolithic glass, so it can greatly reduce the power consumption of the air-conditioned building. Summer can be more than 70% heat insulation, winter can maintain the indoor heating no easy to loss, could reduce the heat loss up to 40%. The insulated glass plays a role in insulation, which makes cool in summer and warm in winter come true.


What’s more, due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the monolithic glass surface is easy to cause dew condensation. But the thermal resistance of insulating glass is larger, the glass on the indoor side is not easy to be cooled in the environment with high temperature, and it’s middle gas are all sealed, the air moisture was absorbed by the desiccant, so the insulating glass will not appear dew in the compartment, and the glass surface can always maintain smooth and clear.


4. Windows and doors with special multi-layer laminated glass

Because there is a wire or wire mesh in the middle of the wire glass to do support skeleton, so this kind glass with a certain security fireproof feature, mainly used in mosaic in the fire doors, windows, walls and other places where need anti-fireproof or anti-earthquake. What’s more, multi-layer composite glass can also provide anti-theft, anti-ballistic, anti-riot performance. This glass is two or three layers of tempered glass with the wire interlayer, so it is called multi-layer laminated glass. Because this glass is composed with tempered glass, so its impact resistance can be greatly improved, and once broken, the glass will adhesive on the interlayer film, the glass slag will not fall off to hurt human, so install the special multi-layer composite laminated glass in your windows and doors, will make your house much more safety in any urgent situation.


There are still many other types of glass good for windows and doors, want to know more or share your ideas with us, please contact us any time, our website is www.glassmanufacturerchina.com.

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