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What's the advantage of ultra clear float glass?

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  • Release on :2016-11-04

Ultra clear float glass,it also called low iron float glass,high transparency float glass.it is manufactured in the same manner as the ordinary float glass with a large percentage of the iron content removed. it is the new type of high-grade glass with high quality and multifunction,transmittance more than 91.5%,also have a name of "crystal prince".    

The advantage of ultra clear float glass:

1.The raw material of ultra clear float glass is great and more pure,fewer impurities,to make sure the self-explosion rate is much lower when produced to tempered glass. 

2.Color consistency:as the iron content of raw material is less than 1/10 of ordinary glass. 

3.High light transparency,transmittance is more than 91.5%,a neutral color making it the ideal glass where high visibility and clarity are required. 

4.Ultraviloet light transmittance is lower than the ordinary glass,and iltraviolet absorption is much lower,it perfect to use in where is anti ultraviolet,such as museums and other areas,it can effectibely reduce the passage of ulteaviolet light,slow down the showcase fade and aging of exhibits,especially for cultural relics protection effect.    

5.Have a big market,high technology,with desirable profitability. Ultra-white glass technology content is relatively high,the production control is difficult,with relatively profitability than ordinary glass,with high added value.    

It is widely used in:

*** Entrances,storefronts,lobbies and reception areas
*** Balustrades,balconies,patios,barriers,stair railing,skylight,canopy,roof and walkways
*** Zoo enclosures,fish tanks,jewelry display cases and museum cases
*** Shelves,tabletops,back splashes,dividing walls,office partitions,bathroom enclosures
*** Solar panels and greenhouse

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