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How to choose the glass for sliding door?

How to choose the glass for sliding door?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-02-23 16:36:27

Glass building material is become more and more popular in the daily decoration. There are many different kinds of glass come to the glass market. In order to make the largest profit, some manufacture will choose the impurity material to produce the glass. Today, SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS will tell you some tips when choosing glass for sliding door here.

Common sense of glass
Most of the people will not pay attention to the glass when they do the decoration. They are thinking of the glass only use for doors or windows. It will not influence so much. In fact, it’s wrong. There are certain risk for glass itself. Most importantly, it will increase the oxidation even if people never tough on it for the poor quality glass.

The grade of the glass

There are 3 grade of the glass, such as recycled glass, glaverbel glass and float glass. Can you guess which is the best one? The answer is float glass. What’s the recycled glass? Actually, it comes as its name. It’s make of the broken glass by melting which is very easy to broken and you can find the small bubble on the surface. And glaverbel glass looks dark and they are impurity. While float glass is solve the all weakness. It’s extracted from quartz stone, glass transparency is good. Compared with glaverbel glass, it have a certain degree of softness, can do a certain degree of bending and bearing a good weight. It’s strong enough when a certain intensity of weight on a piece of glass.

How to choose the glass for sliding door?
Maybe people will choose the clear float glass, patterned glass, Acid Etched glass or silk screen glass etc for their sliding door. But it comes to the same if you buy the poor quality float glass for the sliding door. For example, the glass with bubble, unfairness, very easy to mildew, oxidized etc. In this way, the probation period is very short, what’s more, the bad quality glass is easy to broken and do harm for people. At this time, you will realize that how stupid to buy the poor quality glass.

The standard manufacturer like SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS, we will not only use the pure raw material to produce the glass but also very strict with the technology of each step. The float glass come out from our factory must be the best quality.