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Why the glass price has big difference between different companies?

Why the glass price has big difference between different companies?

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-02-19 11:44:29

The glass is one of the most important material in construction industry, more and more foreigners import glass from China, some of them are glass processing factories, some of them are glass distributors, and some of them is engineering contractors, etc. No matter who they are, most often, we could meet the customers ask why your price is much higher than other companies? Here, we just want to ask do you know what influence the glass price? For us, our opinion is as below:

1. Quality. Use different quality material to make the glass, the glass quality come out is different. Take clear float glass for example, based on the same production machine, if you use pure quartz sand to make it, the glass come out will have high transparency, no bubbles, no defects, and with flat surface, which is very good to cut customized size glass panels, make tempered glass, laminated glass, etc. But if you use impurity quartz sand to make it, the glass come out will look dark, and have bubbles and defects on the glass, which most often, only use as window glass and door glass, where don’t need very high quality glass.

2. Packing. To export glass to abroad, the packing is very important, because glass is easy to break, so almost all the glass suppliers will pack the glass into wooden crates to try to avoid broken during long distance transportation. But in order to reduce cost, some suppliers will use thinner wooden crates to pack, and pack more glass into one crate. In this way, for sure, they could save some packing cost, but it is easy to make the glass break when load and download the glass.

3. Glass factory? Or glass trader? It’s no doubt that based on same quality glass, buy the glass from glass factory, will cheaper to buy it from glass trader, because the glass trader need extra profit to make their company running on. But generally, glass trader has better service, no matter for fast time response, or doing everything to meet every customer’s requirement, etc. For the glass factory, most of their effort is paid on big customers who could purchase big quantity from them every month. But for some small customers who only need one container or so, maybe it’s very hard to get their high attention.

Except the above three factors, still have other factors like quantity, payment term, etc. So how could customers purchase satisfied glass from China without any troubles? Visit glass supplier before cooperation? Check the glass samples? Ask for help from others? Let’s discuss this topic in near future.

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