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How to choose the perfect railing glass?

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  • Release on :2016-10-05

How to choose the perfect railing glass?

More and more people would like to buy glass used on their pool fencing, stair railing, 
handrail, baluster,etc. Glass railing could make your building more modern and beautiful,JIMY GLASS company as a professional glass factory we are give you some suggestions to help you choose the glass for you railing. 

Outdoor railing glass,consider the safety if single panel glass, you can choose 8mm, 10mm ,12mm, 15mm, 19mm tempered glass or if need more safety and more stronger, you can choose 5+5mm, 6+6mm,8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm ,15+15mm ,19+19mm tempered laminated glass or three layer laminated glass.

Interior railing glass you can choose single panel glass of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm.
If double panel glass you can choose double panel glass of 4+4mm, 5+5mm,6+6mm,8+8mm.

If you would more clear, brightly you can choose clear color ,and would more wide view can choose frameless railing glass. Or if you would more decorative function and vitality, you can choose tinted glass, or choose color PVB laminated glass or silk screen printed glass,etc.

If you are still have any other problem or need more information could contact our JIMY GLASS group to talk more any time.

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