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What is energy-saving glass?

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  • Release on :2016-10-08

Energy-saving glass refers to certain products, such as insulating glass, heat-reflective glass, LOW-E glass, etc.It can be based on specific building design requirements to produce, such as according to thermal conductivity.

Through the adjustment of these performance parameters, with, energy-saving glass can be applied to different parts of the building, resulting in the best energy saving effect.

In accordance with the energy-saving ways and performance parameters, energy-saving glass can be divided into the following categories.

In cold areas, you can use good insulation properties of transparent insulating glass.

In the hot summer and warm winter areas, when choosing window glass, glass mainly consider the reflection coefficient of glass, try to choose SC smaller glass.

In the hot summer and cold winter region, the choice of glass in the region is similar to that in the hot summer and warm winter region. Selective heat-reflecting glass, Low-E glass or Solar-E glass are selected, Glass, heat-absorbing Low-E glass or Solar-E glass, the inner piece of choice of transparent glass or Low-E glass. 

All in all,different regions should choose different Sc value of the glass or hollow assembly.