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How to clean and care the glass furniture?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-11-16

The crystal-clear glass furniture,do you know how to keep it bright and looks it is the new?Here share some maintenance methods as below,may it can help you to know more: 

1.Don't collision the glass surface,in order to prevent the glass surface to be scratched,the best way is covered with the table cloth.When put something on the glass furniture,should be careful and don't collision it!

2.About daily cleaning,using the wet towel to keep it clean.The dirty things,which can be used towel dipped in beer or warm vinegar to clear up, or you can try to buy the professional glass cleaner from the market,don't use the liquor which have a lot acidic and alkaline.The glass surface is easy frosting in the winter,use the cloth dipped in saline water or white wine to keep it clean and bright. 

3.Once the glass with patterned is dirty,you can use the toothbrush dipped in the cleaner to wipe it according to the design.While,you also can drop a little kerosene or chalk ash with gypsum powder on the glass surface and keep it dry,then wipe it with a clean cloth or cotton,then the glass is more clean and bright. 

4.The glass furniture should be stay at the stable place,don't always move around it;heavy pieces should be stay at the bottom of the glass furniture,to prevent center unsteady of the glass furniture. In addition,to avoid the moise,keep far away with the stove and so on. 

5.Using cling film and the wet cloth with detergent also can remove stained with oil of the glass.First of all,the glass will be sprayed with detergent, and then paste the cling film,so that the solidification of the oil to be soften,tear off the cling film and wipe with a damp cloth after 10 minutes.if you want to keep the glass bright and clean,you must clean it in regularly, if the handwriting on the glass,use the rubber water immersion friction,and then wipe with a damp cloth;if the glass have paint,you can use cotton scrub with hot vinegar,or with a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol wipe the glass,Can make it as the new one. 

For glass furniture,it include glass table top,glass shelf,glass cabinet... 
Available glass for furnitures including clear float glass,tinted float glass,reflective float glass,patterned float glass,tempered glass,etc. 
different place different function match with the different requested. 

How do you think about it? 

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