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Simple analysis the seven types home decoration glass

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  • Release on :2016-11-15

we are most familiar with "Glass" , on family decoration often used various type glass , now let us to learn more about them on below:

Ordinary flat glass, is the traditional glass, name clear float glass, mainly used in the windows and doors, play a role in heat preservation, light-transmitting, keep out the wind, space division, etc., Its requires colorless and has good permeability and flatness;

Tinted float glass and reflective glass normally used for window glass too, its not only decorative your house, but also anti-ultraviolet, reduce the sun light reflective.

Pattern glass normally used on window glass or on the bathroom glass screen, to make a role decorative your house more beautiful and have private space.

Laminated glass, sandwiched between the two glass by PVB interlayer, or EVA film, even glass broken ,the debris will stick to the film, effectively prevent glass fragment been bond together, while the laminated glass by external force remains sticky, will not fall from a height, is not easy to penetrate the object;

Tempered glass, normally used on partition wall, handrail,etc, its not only safety protect, but also make the space looks more large and brightly.

Sandblasted glass,with a special process of erosion Glass surface and the formation of translucent effect, normally used for living room, dining room or bathroom, both beautiful and play a private role.

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