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The cause of lose effectiveness about insulation glass.

The cause of lose effectiveness about insulation glass.

Jimyglass Original translation 2016-11-14 17:06:19

To judge the lose effectiveness of the insulated glass, mainly for the glass burst and dew point rise. 

1.What is dew point means?

The dew point of the insulated glass is the temperature at which the humidity of the air sealed in the air layer reaches the saturation state. Below this temperature the water vapor in the air layer condenses into liquid or solid water.

The dew point of the insulating glass can be increased for three reasons:

(1) The existence of mechanical impurities in the sealant or the production process of the extrusion of the capillary is not continuous in the air layer of internal and external pressure gradient or the role of concentration gradient, the air in the water through the gas flow or diffusion Into the air layer to increase the moisture content of the insulating glass air layer.

(2)The water vapor through the polymer (sealant are commonly polymer) spread into the air.Any polymer is not absolutely airtight, usually used for insulating glass sealant, poly sulfide rubber, silicone rubber, butyl rubber, etc., also is such.Spread for insulating glass sealant, and the main content is the moisture in the air.

(3) Desiccant effective adsorption capacity is low. The effective adsorption capacity of the insulating glass desiccant refers to the adsorption capacity of the desiccant after being sealed to the air layer. Sealed in the insulating layer in the air of the desiccant there are two main:

A.It is the moisture that is sealed in the air when adsorbed to make the hollow glass have a qualified initial dew point:

B.It is the continuous adsorption from the environment through the glue layer to the air in the layer of water, keep the insulating glass has always meet the requirements of the dew point.

So the desiccant must have a strong adsorption capacity. If the adsorption capacity of desiccant is poor, can not be effectively absorbed through the diffusion into the air layer of water, it will lead to moisture in the air, the water pressure increases, the insulating glass dew point rise. 

2, The reasons for the glass burst.

Resulting in a variety of insulated glass bursting reasons. There are production, but also the installation. The main reasons for glass bursting can be summarized as follows:

(1) Production ambient temperature When producing insulated glass, the pressure inside the air layer is the pressure at the production ambient temperature. The use of the process is often the use of temperature and production temperature difference between the larger. The thermal expansion and contraction of the air changes the pressure of the air layer, and the glass breaks when the pressure due to the expansion of the air layer is higher than the breaking pressure of the glass. Most of the glass bursts are caused by this reason. Also in the winter 'ambient temperature is low, the air layer of air contraction and negative pressure: the combined effect of wind and snow load will also make the glass burst.

(2) Select the glass inappropriate. In the construction of sunny slope use without enhanced heat absorbing glass, because the endothermic glass in the sunny side of the solar energy is very easy to absorb heat and `heat burst.

(3) Insulation glass deformation during production.Level method when the production of hollow glass (currently manual production are almost all level), due to the lower glass supported and less strong point in the center, the area of the weight of the piece of glass on all added to the lower glass 'make the little glass bending upwards, as a result, the air layer thickness of the hollow glass thinning.Glass installation is when using natural existence negative pressure inside the air layer, the glass produced prestressed insulated glass the phenomenon of larger area is more outstanding.As a result of the existence of pre-stress on the glass 'reduces the resistance to wind pressure strength and ability to resist external force ` prone to rupture when external factors change.

(4) The installation of glass, the glass prestressed. Glass in the installation, the frame is not flat or elastic sealing strip quality of glass bending deformation caused by the poor, so that the glass prestressed, the presence of glass in the prestressing glass reduces the ability of the wind pressure, or even burst.

(5) Glass edge there is a small gap. In the production of glass edging quality is not good or in the transport of the edge of the glass due to the collision caused by small cracks in the installation before they are not easy to be found (due to the surrounding adhesive) 'crack growth after installation of the glass rupture.

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