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How to remove the glass bubbles during processing?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2016-11-14

When glass on processing,more or less,bubbles will be happened.No matter for float glass,or tempered glass,or laminated glass.Some glass factories don’t know how to avoid it?today let us share with you some ideas.  
1.Bubbling,common in large flat glass kiln.Metal tube or ceramic museum from the bottom of the glass melting pool blowing big bubbles.Big bubbles in the floating processing can take away or eliminate small bubbles. 

2.Mixing,on glass melting processing,using the mechanical stirring to help rule out the bubbles. 

3.Add clarification agent when melting,such as antimony trioxide. 

4.Control the production process,reduce the generation of secondary bubbles (dissolved gas which is in the glass, once the temperature drops,precipitation again of the bubbles is called secondary bubble. 

5.Adjust the glass composition,reducing the viscosity of the glass. 

6.To extend the glass homogenization time (to control the time, otherwise the vitreous alkaline substances volatile seriously, the glass viscosity will increasing.) 

7.Select the appropriate raw material status,such as the size of the particle size.Ultra thin powder is easily to produce large amounts of tiny bubbles.But if the particle size is too large,it will cause difficulties in melting,such as if aluminum oxide particles is too large,and not melted finished, stones will be happened. 

Bubbles not only effect the appearance of the glass,but also the quality.JIMY GLASS FACTORY always producing high quality no bubble,no scratch,high precise flatness glass to customers.That’s why we exported to more than 75 countries,have a very good reputation,and our customers would like to keep long-term business relationship with us. Let us grow up together,more and more better!

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