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How to clean the shower door glass?

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
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  • Release on :2016-11-07

Many people don't know how to clean the bathroom glass,they are confused that how to make it clean,and looks is the new. 
Don't do it like that: when you take a shower,then together clean it in simply.When you buy the bathroom glass,you find it is the new and beautiful,but several monthes later,several years later,the glass will be dirty.

How to clean and mantain the bathroom glass? how to keep the glass as the new?here give you some ideas: 

1.If the bathroom glass has fouling on it,you can use the vinegar with a little salt to brush,the fouling will be remove.Or you can use the toothpaste to sprayed around the glass surface,then wipe with the toothbrush,then use the warm-water to clean it well. 

2.You also can use the Clean Toilet ling for cleaning,you need to keep the glass clean in daily time,use a nozzle to rinse it when you are take a bath everyday. 

3.Take the water sprayed on the glass surface in average,then wipe with a clean dry soft cloth. 

Kindly reminder:For bathroom glass,the most popular glass used in clear tempered safety glass.But tempered glass can't be scratch by the hard object to keep the safety.In fact,shower glass is the daily clean-up,give the patient and several minutes of every day,then ensure your bathroom glass clean and bright. 

4.For water stains,you can buy a glass scraper which is professional and suitable for your bathroom glass size from the supermarket,you can find there are many different types of glass scraper in the supermarket,just take suitable one for your bathroom.After you take a shower,use the glass scraper to clean it easily. 

5.For the yellow water stains on the glass surface,use the glass cleaner spray,then use the dry cloth to clean ensure it bright as new.The shower parts all are the small hardware,to avoid the surface to be corrosion,then they can't be clean,the best way is use the dry cloth to wipe at regular time. 

Hope above ways can help you solve the problem. If you still have any comments,don't forget to contact us!

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