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Know more about the glass partitions wall

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  • Release on :2016-11-06

Glass partition wall,it is widely used for home decorative and business places decorative.
Why glass partition wall is more and more windely used for home decorative?
Because glass partition wall can make your room looks more specious and bright.
Today let us talk about the classification of glass partition wall and how is the single-layer glass partition wall?

What is the glass partition wall?
Glass partition wall,the main function is to use the glass as a partition to divide the space according to people's demand,space to be used in a better way,in order to meet society's demand,specialling for home and office.The most popular glass used for partition wall is the tempered glass,it is the safety glass,and harmless for human being when it is broken.There are two types of materials:single,double.High quality partition wall glass should be high light transmitte,heatproof,energy saving,easy to install and the glass can be reused.

The classification of glass partition wall

1.Glass types of partition wall:single glass partition wall,laminated glass partition wall,insulated glass partition wall,etc.

2.According to the frame material:aluminum frame glass partition wall,stainless steel frame glass partition wall,steel frame glass partition wall,frameless pure glass partition wall,etc.

3.According to the track form:fixed glass partition wall,removeable glass partition wall,foldable glass partition wall.

4.According to the functions and nature of glass:safety glass partition wall,fireproof glass partition wall,ultra white glass partition wall,explosion-proof glass partition wall,etc.

How is the single layer glass partition wall?
For single-layer glass partition wall,in generally,10mm 12mm tempered glass for partition wall is the most widely.It makes the partition wall looks more beautiful and more intensity.It is the security glass,excellent light effect,more application for the height of 2200-3200mm between the walls.The advantage of tempered glass partition wall:

1.Simply layout,reasonable structure,good looking and elegant appearance.
2.Easy to install and disassemble,and can be reused.
3.Good materials,excellent quality.JIMY GLASS with more than 20 years of professional experience for glass products,from manaufacturing to exporting,offer one-stop service for all customers.
4.Safety and environmently friendly:environmently friendly materials,no glue,no paint,no smell,fireproof,moisture-proof,bring you a healthy and comfortable office space.
5.Available color,clear,ultra clear,green,blue,grey,bronze.
6.Security tempered glass,it is harmless for human being when it is broken.
7.Your room or office looks more bigger,have enough space for special design.

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