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Advantages of Laminated Glass with PVB Film

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  • Release on :2016-11-05

Laminated glass, that is, between the two glass into PVB interlayer which is polyvinyl butyral as the main component. Even if the glass broken, the debris will be stuck on the film, the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth, which effectively prevent the debris falling down, to make sure human safety. So what's the advantages of PVB laminated glass?


Highly safe

Even it is broken, the debris is still firmly bonded in the middle (PVB film) layer, which greatly reducing the debris hurt people or damage property. Especially in nowadays, all kinds of vertical, inclined, special-shaped buildings installed with safety PVB laminated glass, can avoid accidental broken glass falling down to cause harm.


Strong impact resistant

PVB laminated glass can withstand the repeated impact of the outside world, its multi-layer structure can even withstand heavy objects or bullets attack. The protective effect of laminated glass can even be extended to block the bomb blast generated by the shock wave, so that reduce the harm to people to a minimum rate.


Noise reduction performance

The middle layer (PVB film) of the laminated glass has good effect to reduce noise. Its noise performance is several times stronger than ordinary glass, it can reduce the noise of aircraft, cars and machinery, thus creating a pleasant internal quiet and comfortable environment, greatly conducive to the 21st century, for people to engage in high-tech work, Life and health.


Shielding ultraviolet performance

Laminated glass can shield more than 99% of the harmful rays of the sun's rays. This greatly helps to protect people's skin health and interior furnishings, furniture, exhibits, goods, etc. from ultraviolet radiation damage. And now, there are a variety of colors and types PVB film in the domestic and foreign markets, the laminated glass produced with these numerous films is not only safe, practical, and colorful, which make the buildings more aesthetic.


In a word, after many years’ production, use and destructive testing shows that, PVB laminated glass is one of the most outstanding members in the glass family, not only has the same use performance as other glass, and once broken, still maintain its integrity, is the preferred glass material for architecture, transportation, aerospace and other fields in the 21st century.


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