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The specification and design points of laminated glass

The specification and design points of laminated glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. original 2016-11-05 12:16:38

Today, a wide range of glass , laminated glass is a safety glass has a good performance, it is not only light 
fastness, heat-resisting, but also cold-resistant, in addition, it is also has sound insulation effect, because of these reason,that is why laminated glass is more and more been attention and adoption. So, what is laminated glass ? Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between one or more 
layers of organic polymer inter layer, after a special high-temperature pre-pressure (or vacuum) and high 
temperature and high pressure processed, the glass and the inter layer permanent bonding as one of the 
composite glass products. 

The types of laminated glass are divided into different kinds according to different categories. According to the inter layer of the melting point of different divided into: low temperature, high temperature, insulating glass; according to the inter layer material is divided into: laminated fabric, laminated plants, laminated wired, laminated steel and so on; according to the middle layer’s bonding method is different, its has mixed sandwich glass, dry sandwich laminated glass, hollow laminated glass; according to the layer structure is divided into: general laminated glass and bullet-proof glass.

Let's look at the design points of laminated glass :

   1, the room required to use glass as the material should be used safety glass, to ensure the quality of housing.
   2, laminated glass can be made of curved shape, or the colored PVB film to produce colored laminated glass.
   3, According to the used purposes of laminated glass, according to the corresponding technical standards to obtain the corresponding technical indicators. 

4, The laminated glass specifications: 
    (1) the maximum size of 3000×9000mm
    (2) The minimum size is 150×300mm
    (3) the total thickness of laminated glass  6.38-60mm
    (4) the original piece of glass thickness of 3-19mm
    (5) PVB film thickness of 0.38-2.28mm

5, The curved laminated glass specifications 
    (1) The maximum size is 2500×4500mm
    (2) commonly used for the length of 500-3500mm size, width 500-2000mm
    (3) processing thickness of 4-19mm
 (4) arc length according to the glass thickness and machine size
 (5) If radius less 700mm couldn’t been tempered glass, have to make hot bent glass

In our daily lives, whether commercial buildings or owner-occupied housing, use the glass which matching 
the housing design and requirements also important, and now more like to use of curtain-wall glass on the
house, which is more higher demanding on the glass, not only consider of beauty, but also consider its practicality. Above to introduce the laminated glass knowledge, hope its helpful for you to choose the most suitable glass for your house.

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