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How to improve the finished rate of tempered glass?

How to improve the finished rate of tempered glass?

Shenzhen Jimy Glass Factory www.glassmanufacturerchina.com 2017-06-24 11:28:06

Tempered glass, it also called toughened glass, hardened glass, which is widely used in our daily life, such as glass shelf, glass door, glass window, glass balustrade, glass roof, partition wall glass, table top glass, etc. In generally,4mm 5mm 6mm clear toughened glass for shelf glass,8mm 10mm 12mm tempered glass for door glass, table top glass and roof glass, 10mm 12mm 15mm toughened glass for partition wall,
10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm hardened glass and 4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm 12+12mm tempered laminated glass for balustrade glass, etc. Due to more and more glass processing factories are producing tempered glass, how to improve the yield rate of tempered glass, which is the problem should to be concerned about by them.

How to improve the finished rate of tempered glass, what we need to be know?

1) The glass need to be edge working before tempering. From the quality of glass with grind edge, we will know the finished rate of tempered glass. When glass on cutting, the edge will have small and very fine cracks, of course it difficult to be found by our eyes. There are two advantages of edge working, one is good looking, the other one is ensuring the perfect tempering, to improve the finished rate.

2) Adjust the technical parameters when tempering. The technical parameters of tempering including heating temperature, heating time, tempering cooling time and pressure time. The tempered temperature and heating time are inversely, in generally, the much higher temperature, the much shorter heating time. But much thicker glass, like 12mm 15mm 19mm tempered glass, we advise that temperature set around 665 degrees and extended the heating time in appropriately. After determining the temperature, then need to choose a reasonable heating time, normally the heating time per millimeter in about 40 seconds. However, for the jumbo size of tempered glass, it need to increase the heating time of 10%, and for drill holes, corner processing also need to increasing 10% heating time. Heating time and heat temperature is also one of the most important part for improve finished rate of tempered glass.

3) The importance of heating uniformity of the glass. In generally, the middle area of the glass is the slowest heating, when finished heating, the temperature of glass edge will be much higher than the temperature of glass middle. It is preferable that the temperature of the furnace is set to a temperature in the middle of a heating curve (transverse direction) higher than the set temperature by 10 degrees and the temperature of the edge is lower than the set temperature by 10 degrees. So that the finished glass is fineness and uniformity.

4) Drill holes, corner processing. if the tempered glass need to drill holes, pay more attention to:
*** the diameter of the hole is bigger or equal to the glass thickness.
*** the distance from the edge of the glass to the edge of the holes need to bigger or equal to twice of the glass thickness.
*** the distance between the two holes, the holes edges need to bigger or equal to twice of the glass thickness. if can't meet this requirement and need drill holes, then we can cutout to solve the problems.

Above 4 points hope can help you to know more tempered glass and improve the finished rate of tempered glass.
If you have more suggestion or opinions, let's talk in details.

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