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The most expensive curtain wall glass construction in the world

The most expensive curtain wall glass construction in the world

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-06-17 10:16:41

Most of us want to know where is the most expensive buildings local in.There is no doubt that all of us want to travel there as long as we are alive.Today, SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS will show you to see the outside world. Here are the highest cost of top eight glass curtain wall glass buildings in the world:

No.8: The princess tower of Dubai
There is 413.36 meters high, located in Dubai's bustling coastal area, cost 1.5 billion dirhams (about 2.586 billion yuan), is one of Dubai's landmark curtain wall glass buildings, officially recognized as the world's highest residential building, and set the Guinness Book of World Records. A total of 107 floors (6 floors underground), including 763 sets of independent apartments, 967 parking spaces and 8 underlay shops, covers an area of 3475 square meters. The Princess Tower is designed by Eng. Adnan Saffarini. Dubai Princess Tower is tallest curtain wall glass building in the world.

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No.7: Macau Venetian Resort
"Venetian Resort" invested $ 2.4 billion to build by the US gambling giant Sands Group. The curtain wall glass hotel is 39 floor. Except architectural features, the Venetian Resort has world-class gaming, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and leisure facilities. There is more than 60 square meters of luxury rooms, the Grand Canal shopping street, four seasons of nearly 100,000 square meters of famous shops and bringing together the world famous brand, the spa covers an area of eight thousand square meters, and has a superb performance of the sun circus and so on.

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No.6: City of Dreams Macau

The City of Dreams Macau is the flagship program of Macau's Melco Crown Entertainment Co., Ltd. The first phase of the project was opened in Macau on June 1, 2009, with entertainment facilities, nightclubs, hotels, Restaurants, shopping malls and casinos and other diversified facilities. It accommodates three world-class themed hotels, 420,000 square feet of entertainment, 175,000 square feet of retail space, more than 20 restaurants and bars, many world famous brand stores and audiovisual multimedia experience, golf casino Entertainment facilities, world-class shopping malls, casinos, performances and featured hotels in one. Cost about 16 billion.

No.5: New York's new century trade center

New York's New Century Trade Center, also known as the "free tower", which is located in the United States, It is relatively prosperous, of course, The glass construction is not low-key, cost 3.8 billion US dollars, about 25.3 billion yuan.

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No.4: Las Vegas Grand Hotel
The United States of Las Vegas, I believe that many people have heard, in the gambling film is also often appear, is a casino, the hotel with exterior glass wall cost 39 billion dollars.

No.3: Singapore Bay Sands Hotel
Singapore Marina Bay Sands Hotel is known as the most expensive hotel in the world. The resort costing £ 4 billion to build upscale facilities such as outdoor swimming pools, sightseeing glass platforms and luxury casinos is open to guests. The most amazing thing is that guests can overlook Singapore's urban landscape while swimming.

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No.2: AbrajAlBait hotel
The tallest curtain wall glass building in the world is 1972 feet. At present it is the second tallest building in the world, It has exceeded the Dubai International Airport covers an area, with 1,500,000 square meters (16,150 square feet) of floor area.The believer has a large prayer room that can accommodate more than 10,000 people. Also contains a five-star hotel offering accommodation for thousands of pilgrims to visit Mecca.

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No.1:Alharam Mosque

Alharam Mosque is the first holy temple of Islam, Arabic al-Masdjid al-Haram's free translation. Located in the center of Saudi Arabia, the center of Saudi Arabia is the place where Muslims around the world are facing the location of the "Kelvin" (Taka) and the center of the march.

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