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How to select a perfect glass table ?

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  • Release on :2017-03-14

How to select a perfect glass table ?

Glass as a decorative glass is been widely used in building filed and furniture glass.
Glass table top is widely use around the world because it is easy to clean, could protect wooden or stone table surface and decorate your area.

For the glass table is made by two types, one is tempered glass, another is hot bent glass. When the tempered glass is broken, it turns into alveolate granules with obtuse angles, which guarantee safety to make sure human harmless, and the toughening process greatly reduces the risk of thermal breakage to ensure less loss. But the hot bent glass, after broken, is like normal float glass which broken into sharp splinters, which easy to hurt human. While hot bent curved glass could produce with multi-radius like cylinder, cone, "S", "Z", "U" and don’t have too much size limitation.

• Clear tempered glass table tops / transparency tempered glass table tops
• Low iron tempered glass table tops/ Ultra clear tempered glass table tops
• Color tempered glass table tops / Tinted tempered glass table tops
• Color painted glass table tops
Screen printing glass table tops
• Decorative pattern glass table tops
• Acid etched tempered glass table tops
• Ice cracked laminated glass table tops

glass table tops

For the tea table, coffee table and other glass table if you are prefer to like the special design can consider to choose of the hot bent glass table, also named curved glass table, can produce as any special design shape as per your desire.

hot bent glass table

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