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To know more about glass coaster

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  • Release on :2017-03-13

In recent year, there is a “glass trend” rush to people’s daily life. Here comes the glass house, glass floor, glass splash board, glass switch etc. What’s more, even if the glass coaster appear to people’s life. Glass coaster is not only a little coaster, but also is a product of the era development. Thanks to its function of popular style, wear proof and reasonable price, it becomes more and more popular among the customers.

The characteristic of glass coaster:
1.The most important feature of glass coaster is personalized. You can print whatever on the glass coaster. For example: your own photo, scenery, idol, cartoon etc. 100% full filled your demand.
2.Rich color and vivid design. It regards as the environmental arts because it’s very easy to clean and high temperature resistance.
3.There are many function of the glass coaster, they also widely used for insulation mat, dinning mat etc.

How much you know about about glass coaster?
Generally speaking, the glass coaster is make of tempered glass. In one hand, tempered glass as safety glass, it will not hurt people when it’s broken into particles. In the other hand, the tempered glass is go through high temperature refining, it’s strong enough to compressive resistance. There are many different kinds of glass can be make of glass coaster. If you prefer the simple style, you can choose the clear tempered glass or ultra clear tempered glass. While you color your life, you’d better select the tempered tinted float glass, Acid Etched tempered glass, patterned tempered glass etc. But do you know what’s the most popular glass for coaster? It’s tempered silk screen glass. This is no doubt that silk screen glass is rich in color and pattern, you can design whatever you want.

Where to buy the good quality glass for coaster?
SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS is a professional glass manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. Our glass product is export to England, Australia, USA etc. We enjoy the high reputation from customer around the world because of our good quality, one stop service, timely delivery etc. We can make the glass according to customers’ requirement.