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Talk about safety mirror

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  • Release on :2017-03-12

Mirror,which is one of the most important parts in our life! it not only decorative our rooms,but also help to decorative ourselves.Today let us talk about safety mirror.

Currently there are three types of safety mirrors popular in our life: one is the vinyl film backed mirror,the second is the tempered mirror,the third is the tempered mirror with vinyl film.

1.Vinyl film backed mirror,which is produced by applying a vinyl film on the back of mirror,when mirror is broken into pieces,the vinyl film and broken parts will conglutinate together without human hurt.There are two kinds of vinyl films,one is smooth film(CAT I),another is braided wire mesh(CAT II).This kind of mirror is suitable used for public areas,sliding doors,furnitures and interior decorative.

2.Tempered mirror,which is on the base of tempered glass,coated a layer of reflective film.the advantages of tempered mirror is more safety,when mirror broken,it is same as the tempered glass,small particles without human hurt.

3.Tempered mirror with vinyl film,which is proceed on the bases of tempered mirror,together with the vinyl film,to make sure most security.

From Jimy Glass,the most popular safety mirror you can get it:
3mm safety mirror,4mm safety mirror,5mm safety mirror,6mm safety mirror,8mm safety mirror.available size in 1220x915mm,1830x1220mm,1830x2440mm,2140x3300mm,etc.any customized size.

Except for safety mirror,there are many different mirrors you can get it from Jimy Glass,like copper free mirror,silver mirror,aluminum mirror,Two-way mirror...

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