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JIMY GLASS is open a new branch glass factory on 2017!

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  • Release on :2017-03-22

JIMY GLASS is open a new branch glass factory on 2017!

With the development of economic reforms, more and more country on economic construction, to expand the construction projects. There’s need more and more building materials, especially the architectural glass. JIMY GLASS, as one of Chinese famous glass factory, always produce high quality building glass for every clients, with large customer group and have a reputation abroad, and help our clients win so many government and commercial glass projects, such as the railway station,airport,metro,commercial building,etc. The country from USA, UK, Poland,Norway, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines,and so on. Most of projects required for tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass,Low E Glass,etc, to used With many years produce and exported glass, we are very experienced on producing these type glass to satisfy clients high-end glass required.

As business development needs, and in order to increase production capacity, and timely delivery glass to satisfy the engineering demand, we are build a branch factory on this year. We are buy a new cutting machine,Edge grinding washing machine,tempered production line, ,laminated equipment,and so on.

Warm welcome to visit us to face to face to talk more on any time if you are free!

The material staging area

process glass materials

Our production machine:

glass processed machine

High quality tempered glass and laminated glass picture:

tempered glass and laminated glass