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JIMY laminated safety glass American SGCC certificate and European CE certificate

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  • Release on :2018-04-10
In order to prove our glass quality is very good and meet the requirements of the clients to import the glass from us, we have done the security laminated glass American ANSI Z97.1 test and European EN12600 and EN14449 test, and have got the American SGCC certificate and European CE certificate, the main test results are as below:

American SGCC certificate ANSI Z97.1 test, test specimens are 3+1.52mm PVB+3mm and 5+1.52mm PVB+5mm laminated transparent glass
1-Test by FTL (Fenestration Testing Laboratory, Inc.), in accordance with ANSI Z97.1-2015;
2-When did the 48” drops for the 34” by 76” specimens, no shear or opening occur;
3-12” by 12” specimens, were immersed vertically on edge, in water at 150 degrees fahrenheit for a period of three minutes then transferred and immersed in boiling water for two hours and then removed, no bubbles, cracks or defects occur.

European CE certificate EN12600 and EN14449 test, test specimens are thermally toughened laminated safety glass 6+1.52mm pvb+6mm, test report also apply to safety laminated glass thickness 8+1.52mm pvb+8mm 10+1.52mm pvb+10mm 12+1.52mm pvb+12mm 15+1.52mm pvb+15mm
1-Test by TUV Rheinland Nederland B.V. (NB0175), according to European standard EN12600, EN14449, EN-ISO 12543-2 & EN-ISO 12543-4;
2-In drop test, meets the applicable requirements as stated in the European standard EN 12600 [1] for a class: 1 (B) 1, the highest performance classification, drop height 1200mm, no breakage;
3-In high temperature test and humidity test, the result is no bubbles, no delamination, no cloudiness;
4-In 2000 hours radiation test, the initial LT is 86.1%, the LT after exposure is 85.9%, no delamination.

If need detail test report, please contact us any time. And we are preparing to do the test of safety tempered glass and energy saving insulated glass, will let you know once they are finished.