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Why glass is become more and more popular in household appliances?

  • Author:shenzhen jimy glass
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  • Release on :2018-03-14
Glass material i is become more and more popular nowadays. Friends who buy home appliances may find that there are about 72% of household appliances are glass panel materials. For example refrigerator, gas cooktop, microwave oven, oven, washing machine etc. Maybe you will ask: why more and more manufacturers prefer glass panel as home appliances?

Firstly, the wide application of the printing process in the glass industry allows the glass surface to be printed with specific patterns and colors. Strong practicality, bright color, noble crystal, strong sense of three-dimensional, visual effects are extraordinary. After tempering, the glass strength is greatly improved, as long as we use correctly, tempered glass will not easy to broken.

Secondly, In order to meet the needs of consumers and the market, more and more customers are also paying attention to the appearance of products in addition to the functions of home appliances. It has gradually become an inseparable part of home decoration. As one of the popular home appliance panel materials, glass plays an important role in it.

The application of glass panels in household appliances has gradually become a mainstream trend. The next few years will also increase the development of home appliance panel market. Glass panels are becoming more and more widely used in household appliances.

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