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The advantages of elevator glass

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  • Release on :2018-03-13

Elevator glass, it also called lift glass, from indoor residential elevator glass, to outdoor scenic glass lifts, we can see it around our life, like commercial building, residential building, metro and sightseeing place, etc. Why glass is more and more popular used for elevator? What’s the advantages for elevator glass?

1. From the characteristic of the glass:
-Glass is one of building materials that look good with decoration.
-From the glass color, clear and ultra clear are the best choice. The high transparency will allow us to see through the elevator and from outside. We also can do any customized color to meet client’s requirement.
-From the glass shape, many different special shape are available, like rectangle elevator glass, square elevator glass, oval elevator glass, octagonal backed elevator glass, etc.
-Soundproof, in generally 5+5mm 6+6mm laminated safety glass for elevator, the laminated glass have soundproof function.

2. Advantages of the glass lift:
-The great visual effect of having glass elevator, the clear or ultra clear glass elevator not only seeing around outside, but also make the space looks much bigger than metal elevators.
-Save cost, no matter elevator glass used for indoor or outdoor, the glass does not allow sound to pass through whereas it allows light. So it not need any extra lighting cost at daylight, for helping save a lot of money on electricity with the use of glass.
-Long useful life-time, laminated security glass elevator, provide at least 15 years warranty. Easy to clean and maintain.

3.Glass type: clear tempered laminated safety glass for elevator, ultra clear low iron laminated glass for elevator, PVB SGP laminated safety glass elevator, hot bent laminated glass elevator, etc.

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