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Why does the hotel like to use transparent glass?

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  • Release on :2018-02-27
Why do you prefer to use transparent glass bathroom? Some people say that in order to increase the fun, others say that from a security point of view. The truth is this: to use the  transparent glass as hotel bathroom partition, on one hand, to make the bedroom more spacious, on the other hand, when turning off the bathroom lights so guests can observe the room while bathing etc.

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If you worry about privacy leaks, not used to take a shower or go to the toilet in a transparent environment, you can lift the bathroom curtains. Some high-end hotels using electro-optic glass. Click to make the glass opaque.

Today, JIMY GLASS will introduce the advantage of clear float glass as partition wall in hotel’s bathroom. 8mm clear tempered glass, 10mm clear tempered glass and 12mm clear tempered glass is mostly used for shower enclosure in hotel.

1.Make the room look bigger
The glass wall makes the room look bigger, glass compartment thickness is relatively thin. Compared to the brick wall partition can save nearly 10 cm of space. And the glass partition appears more transparent throughout the room, visually feel more spacious.

2.Save electricity
Some guests are used to going to sleep all night when they open the bathroom lights, if the hotel bathroom is glass-like, does not turn off the lights will affect the guests sleep. Therefore, if the glass partition, the light can be revealed, you can prompt guests to turn off the lights, saving electricity.

3.To help clean the house
Hotel bathroom generally do not have windows, if by lighting, shadows in some places, hotel cleaning staff will not be able to see where did not clean, and the use of transparent design, the bathroom will be very adequate light, hotel cleaners can more clearly see Where did not clean.

4.Improve safety performance
Transparent design allows you to see everything in the room while bathing, to a large extent reduce the risk of property damage. For example, when someone bathing invisible burglary, you can call the police in the bathroom.