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We are back to work from the Chinese spring festival holiday!

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  • Release on :2018-02-22
On Chinese spring festival , to drop a Spring Festival visit is to give your new year greetings when you are out. Have a luck talk. The most wishes word we are always said is “xin nian hao, gongxi facai!” In English is “Have a thriving and happy new Year!”

Chinese glass factory wishes 2018

We are already back to work today from the Chinese spring festival holiday.
During the holiday we are couldn’t timely response the old and new clients email or message, express our sincere apologies, hope yours forgiven, thank!

Glad to tell you that our colorless float glass of thickness 5.5mm, 6mm ,8mm, 10mm,all of these thickness has in stock, newly and fresh, if order had confirm can ship immediately. If your order above 5 container or more can get some discount. About the colored glass, we are now producing 5mm euro grey float glass, is newly and fresh.

Its a great rejoicing day, on our first working day, we had get many order today from our old and new clients which come from USA, Uk, Australia, Norway, Poland,Chile, Mexico, the products including 6mm transparent float glass, 5mm euro grey float glass, 4mm copper free silver mirror ,6mm clear silver mirror, 4mm clear tempered glass, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm laminated safety glass, 5mm silk screen printed glass.

Here to wish everyone has a wonderful beginning and excellent business on 2018! May you be happy and prosperous!

tempered laminated glass and mirror glass