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Film pasting method of shower glass explosion-proof

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  • Release on :2018-02-19
Shower explosion-proof membrane is a safety explosion-proof membrane. Mainly used in shower room, bathroom and other areas of architectural glass film foil. We all know that toughened glass has a "three-thirtieth percent blew rate". This is a worldwide problem in the tempered glass industry, also within the limits of national standards. Experts also advise consumers to avoid tempered glass blew. A more effective way to prevent glass bleeds and lower losses and injuries is to apply a layer of shower head explosion-proof membrane to the glass. Shower explosion-proof membrane affixed to the shower glass. The broken glass is bonded in place until it is safely removed, thus reducing the potential for human injury, and reduce the damage caused

1. Clean the glass

The first need to clean the glass under the block lint towel, so as not to flow outside the bubble bad wall, glass cleaning is the first important step in the film, the glass clean or not with the quality of the glass film is related.

2. Paste the glass film
First in the shower explosion-proof membrane on both sides of spray water, easy to remove due to static caused by the adhesion of the glass film, and then cut the plastic film on the glass opened the film, spray the water, paste in the glass, and then Push the water out from top to bottom, then cut the extra side.

3. Check the paste quality
After the glass film is affixed, the quality of the glass film should be carefully inspected to see if there is a corner that is not solid, whether there is air bubbles, whether there is wrinkles or not. When it is determined that there is no problem, it can be regarded as complete construction.
by the explosion.

4. Preparation of preparatory work
The first is to prepare the foil tool. Such as tape measure, small wallpaper knife, water bottle, water scrape, squeeze water board, not riding, large lint towels and other tools. Then measure the size of the glass, and cut the size of the glass film to match the size of the glass. Must be required to foil the shower glass environment in advance to spray water droplets drop dust, so as to achieve the entire paste film has a good clean environment.

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