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Jimy Glass Birthday Party

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  • Release on :2016-09-24


Jimy Glass Birthday Party


In Jimy Glass, if somebody's birthday is coming, we will get together for celebrating.

We sing the birthday song, enjoy the cakes and have the dinner together, to give our best wishes to the birthday person, and certainly, best wishes to all of us.


In Jimy Glass, we are brothers and sisters, we work here for the same dream, make our life better and better, make Jimy Glass stronger and stronger, make all our customers to win the profit all the time with our good quality construction glass like clear float glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, tempered laminated, laminated glass, insulated glass, curved glass, two way mirror glass, PDLC smart glass, etc.

We are warm family, we will go more and more far together!

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