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Sun room stick film advantage

  • Author:Jimy glass
  • Release on :2016-10-01

Sun room stick film advantage

Sun room can stick glass membrane, membrane is attached to the inside of the glass, it can prolong the service life. 

The advantages of glass membrane:
1.More cost savings.
Glass stick heat reflective film than change the heat reflective glass can save 50% of the total cost.
2.More quickly.
Glass stick membrane than dismantle the old change into new glass short time limit, easy to operate.
3.More environmentally friendly.
Replacement of glass will produce a large number of broken glass of construction waste and increase the transportation and landfill costs.Glass stick film can let existing glass insulation and safety performance upgrades.Also to prevent the indoor carpet, curtains, fabrics and paint fade, the effective protection of indoor furniture, computers and other office equipment to extend the service life.
4.More secure.
General heat insulation membrane also has certain security enhancements, at the same time have the laminated glass shards are performance, its security is better than that of toughened glass, the professional film is stronger security.
5.More healthy.
Installation glue of film containing UV (UV) absorbent, can block 98% -99% of the UV.
If replacement for the insulated glass or low-e insulated glass, double or more the total weight will rising double or more greatly increase the building load.