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Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Full Resume Operations on Sep 30,2016

  • Author:Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co.,Ltd
  • Source:original
  • Release on :2016-10-02

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Full Resume Operations on Sep 30,2016

The World's longest and highest glas bridge,which is located in Zhangjiajie,Hunan Province of China.It re-open on Sep 30,2016.

The glass bridge is not only a walkway,visitors can go bungee jumping and zip-lining off of it as well.it will bring you a unprecedent experience and stimulate.

About the Glass bridge:

1.Length: 430meters
2.Width: 6 meters
3.Height: 300 meters
4.It made by transparence tempered laminated anti-slip glass,glass size is around 305*4420mm,total 99pcs,thickness is 4.856mm.
5.Highlights: bungee jump and beautiful natural views of towering sandstone pillars.

About tempered laminated glass,it not only use for bridge,we can find the balustrade glass,skylight glass,floor glass,partition wall glass,elevator glass,etc.all are using tempered laminated glass with different thickness size and colors,it's the safety decorative glass.

All visitors can buy the ticket from the office website in advance,then take ID card for visiting since Sep 30,2016.it will be more convenient for people and avoid the ticket scalpers,many problems will be solved and impoving.

Hope you all have a fantastic experience in the special glass bridge!

tempered laminated glass for bridge