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Jimy Glass Company 2017 travel to Guizhou province in China

Jimy Glass Company 2017 travel to Guizhou province in China

Jimy glass Original 2017-08-04 18:38:08

Jimy Glass Company 2017 travel to Guizhou province in China

Busy for half a year, Jimy Glass Company finally start the annual travel of all company members, this time we go to Guizhou Province in China, it is a very suitable place for summer, now is hot weather in Guangdong Province, people are very yearning for a mountain Water resort. The entire trip arrangements for 4 days, the company's staff and their family members are participate in this trip, let me introduce some good tourism places of the Guizhou province.

DAY 1:Nanjiang Grand Canyon
Nanjiang Grand Canyon is located in the central plateau of Guizhou Kaiyang County, 54 kilometers away from Guiyang City. To the typical momentum of the karst landscape gorge scenery, shape thousands of waterfall community features.Canyon full length of more than 40 kilometers, steep peaks everywhere, the deepest of three hundred and ninety eight meters, the canyon length of more than 40 kilometers, the deepest up to 398 meters, the experts completed the scientific examination results show: Nanjiang canyon formation Ancient, valley deep, for the typical middle low gorge landscape, very magnificent beautiful.
Canyon has more than 80 natural landscape, there are more than 40 different waterfalls, located in the small Nanjiang SHEXIANG waterfall, the gap of more than 150 meters. Park area has been developed 18.4 km, tourists can be in the river in the green river to thrill drift, but also walk in the cliff plank road, shade path, but also through the typical karst prime forest.

DAY 2: Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall:
Huangguoshu Waterfall, located in Anshun Town, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the Huangguoshu Falls and one of the world famous Falls. Waterfall height of 77.8 meters, of which the main waterfall 67 meters high; waterfall 101 meters wide, of which the main waterfall top width of 83.3 meters. Huangguoshu waterfall is a typical waterfall in the karst landscape.
Huangguoshu waterfall famous in the Ming Dynasty traveler Xu Xiake, after the ancient celebrity travel, spread, become a well-known attractions. It is the best season to go to Huangguoshu Waterfall. Huangguoshu waterfall is a karst landform in the erosion of typical waterfalls, the first because of the river bed suddenly appeared a crack, the river over many years of continuous erosion and erosion, then split the gap, forming a gap, also formed a waterfall basic appearance , After the wind and rain erosion and rain constantly washed, but also to the original formation of the waterfall continue to retreat, according to geologists research, waterfall formed today, this stable situation, there have been three major changes, it is a long distance Up to 205 meters,  the remains to today is Sandao beach,Mati beach and Youyu well.

DAY 3:Qianling Mountain Park:
Qianling Mountain Park is a national AAAA-class tourist area, is a comprehensive tour park, built in 1957, located in the northwest corner of Guiyang City, where a beautiful environment, historical and cultural landscape, high forest coverage, is the natural " The
Qianling Mountain Park set mountains, forests, springs, lakes, caves, temples, animals in one, cleared to the world. Qianling Mountain is part of the central part of Qianzhong Mountain, the mountains of the mountains, the valley and the earth, the terrain is full of change. Altitude between 1100 meters -1396 meters, the terrain has ups and downs, the relative height difference is not about 200 meters.
A lot of people because of the "Clever monkey" and come here, Qianling Mountain was the first monkey appeared in the sixties and seventies of last century, when the zoo cages in a few monkeys to take advantage of breeders to escape when cleaning; In addition, Guizhou Provincial epidemic prevention station also has a few used to do the monkey ran away, to the Qianling mountain natural survival. In 1980, the number of monkeys about 30 or so, now has more than 500, and because often interact with people, where the monkeys are no longer afraid of life, directly down the mountain and the crowd fun. Many people spontaneously with a variety of fruits come to feed monkeys.
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Finally, let's take a look at what special dishes in Guizhou Province:
Guizhou people like the degree of spicy unusual. Guizhou snacks to "spicy", "hot and sour" is known, not only spicy mellow, delicious, and bright color, beautiful shape. Guizhou Province, there are dozens of different noodles, taste is not the same, it is worth tasting. The most famous is the Miao acid soup fish, very delicious, every visitor will certainly taste a food. Guizhou chickens and ducks and other poultry, there are a variety of different cooking methods, natural ingredients healthy. Of course, there are not hot, Guizhou mountain producing a lot of delicacy, fungi, bamboo shoots, characteristics of plants can be eaten, so there are a lot of vegetarian vegetables.
Guizhou people warm hospitality, when guests come, will be a long table feast reception guests in all directions.
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