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Do you know the elements to affect the quality of insulated glass

Do you know the elements to affect the quality of insulated glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO., LTD. Original 2017-08-02 14:56:13

Since the use of insulated glass. Its production experienced insulated glass of a double glass, simple double glass, manual single channel seal, double seal and composite tape type. After nearly four decades of development, the market of insulated glass become more mature. Due to the popular trend of insulated glass, it’s widely used for windows and doors glass, glass roof, glass partition wall etc. People pay more attention to the quality of the glass. How can we create a high quality hollow glass?

There are three kinds of insulating glass in Chinese market in present: slot aluminum single-channel seal, slot aluminum double seal and composite sealing tape type insulating glass. The first one, because of its poor sealing, easy to enter the moisture, resulting in glass condensation, frost, short life, so this kind of insulating glass gradually eliminated from the market in China. But SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS, focusing on the last two, whose main material is Glass, aluminum, insert angle, butyl rubber, two-component polysulfide or silicone rubber, desiccant, composite sealing tape.

Do you know how to choose the good quality insulated glass for your building? Today, let’s show you 5 elements which affect the quality of insulated glass:

1.Glass sheet

They can be clear float glass, reflective glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, tinted glass etc. When choosing the glass sheet, you’d better to choose the grade A glass with no bubble, no defect and good flatness.

2.Aluminum bar and the choice of angle
The thickness of aluminum bar should be between 0.3-0.35mm, the thickness should be uniform, uniform distribution of ventilation holes. Aluminum bar must be anodized or decontamination treatment to be bent. Improve the utilization of aluminum, we must use good quality and high grade products. Regarding the angle, the size must be cut accordingly.

3. The usage of desiccant
There are 3 types of desiccant for insulated glass: good ability to absorb volatiles, low adsorption of inert gas and common molecular sieve.

4.Sealant selection
- Butyl rubber: It is the first choice of seal aluminum-type insulating glass. It is a hot melt, with a very low water vapor transmission rate (the lowest in the insulating glass gel) It is known as a high viscosity. It is the most effective barrier between aluminum side and glass , but It is heated by a special machine, pressurized, extruded on both sides of the aluminum bar.

-Polysulfide: Poly-sulfur rubber is the largest amount usage of insulating glass sealant. It has good oil resistance, solubility and sealing. The polysulfide must have a metal oxide used as a curing agent. Two components ratio of about 1:10, with the proportion and uniformity of the effect is not too much, so the glue can also be artificial coating.

5.The use of composite seal strips
It is the raw material of setting to support the skeleton (wavy aluminum belt), sealed (butyl rubber), dry (desiccant). The biggest advantage is the simple operation process, less waste of raw materials etc.

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS is one of the famous insulated glass manufacturers in China, product different types of insulation glass, for example: 4+12A+4mm clear float glass insulation, 5+9A+5mm clear low E insulated glass, 5+12A+5mm sealed insulated glass, 6+12A+6mm clear toughened double glazed glass, 8+12A+8mm clear low E insulation glass etc. For more details, please contact us any time, we are always ready to serve you here.