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Where can you use glass in your home?

Where can you use glass in your home?

JIMYGLASS www.glassmanufacturerchina.com 2017-07-30 08:43:56

Nowadays, glass has become necessary products for your home or building. They are widely used for interior and exterior building, such as curtain wall, balustrade, handrail, window, door, table top, glass shelves, etc. the glass can be used is only limited by your imagination.It not only decorative your home, but also take different functions, bring convenient for you.Here we'd like to share with you how glass is applied in the building:

Glass balustrades are ideal for balconies, staircases, pool fences and other applications where fencing is required. Glass balustrades provide a barrier while allowing you to achieve great views. It is very easy to install, clean and maintain. Consider safety, all balustrades must be Grade A tempered safety glass, like 10mm clear tempered glass,12mm 15mm 19mm clear tempered glass. If use at higher levels, then toughened laminated safety glass must be used, like 6+6mm tempered laminated glass, 8+8mm 10+10mm toughened laminated glass, for privacy, then acid etched tempered glass, color tinted tempered glass, color tempered laminated glass are more widely used.

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Shower door
Shower door glass, it can help save more space, easy clean and maintain. The most popular glass for shower door is 8mm 10mm 12mm toughened glass. Colors available in clear, ultra clear, green, blue, bronze, etc.

8mm 10mm 12mm shower door glass tempered

Table top
Glass table top offer a attractive modern looking for decoration. It can be used in outdoor furniture, in dining, coffee table and occasional tables. Clear or tinted colored tempered glass are available, shape in round, rectangle, square, oval, etc. Glass thickness in 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm toughened glass, with custom design.

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Partition walls
Made from Grade A either toughened or laminated safety glass, such as 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm toughened glass partition wall, or 4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm tempered laminated glass partition wall. Glass partition walls are a modern and stylish alternative to traditional partitions. Clear glass partitions provide an innovative way of creating separate living areas.While color, opaque or frosted glass can be used to ensure privacy, easy to clean surface ensures glass partition walls are a low maintenance option for any room. Glass partition walls also maximized light enter into the living area and overall sense of internal space.

Partition wall glass

Curtain wall
Glass decorative curtain wall, in generally, the most glass type is insulated glass, it provide sound insulation, thermal insulation, keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s the energy saving glass, easy to install, maintain, 15 years warranty for high quality insulated glass curtain wall. It widely used together low e glass, enlarge the maximum energy effective.The other one is U channel glass, it has the same functions with insulated glass, but it with light weight, very easy to install, etc.

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Others, like glass shelf, picture frame glass, glass roof, glass skylight, etc. the safety glass can be used in any where……

If you are interested in, let's talk more in details.

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