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Oversized safety architectural glass

Oversized safety architectural glass

SHENZHEN JIMY GLASS CO.,LTD. Original 2017-07-28 14:33:36

As a glass factory, we are always manufacturing and exporting safety architectural glass to the world, in order to match the architects' design requirement, and make the building huge and attractive, after many years' improvement, now we are professional to produce many different types of oversized glass panels.

Jumbo size safety tempered glass
As to tempered glass, all of us know that it's a kind of safety glass, most often use to make laminated glass, insulated glass, or use as glass table tops, glass kitchen countertops, glass windows, etc. In previous, there is dimension limited for the tempered glass, which have to divide the required big size glass panel into many pieces, but now, we could produce the tempered glass biggest size 3000*12000mm, can greatly expand the possibility of design.

Jumbo size safety tempered glass manufacturer

Oversized security laminated glass
The oversized laminated glass, can make up some shortage of tempered glass, For example, at present, we only could get jumbo size clear float glass sheets or low iron ultra clear glass sheets in China market, not other color glass, so we only could produce oversized monolithic clear tempered glass, or oversized monolithic low iron toughened glass, not the oversized color tempered glass. But if use the laminated glass, we could use any color PVB or SGP interlayer to match the required color, which make the oversized solar control color safety glass come into reality. And additional, the jumbo size tempered laminated glass is much stronger and safer than large size monolithic tempered glass. At present, no matter flat or curved, the largest size laminated glass panels we could do is 3000*12000mm, but if want to do such jumbo size curved laminated glass, the radius have to bigger than 6000mm.

flat and curved oversized security laminated glass factory

Oversized energy efficiency insulated glass
For the thermoshield insulated glass, it is known as energy saving glass, so most often it will use as exterior curtain wall glass, or double glazing windows. At present, if made by machine, the largest size insulated glass we could produce is 2400*5000mm, and if made by hand, there is no size limitation, no matter what size required, we could do it if we could get the raw float glass sheets.

Oversized energy efficiency insulated glass

If required, we could do any other process on the above glass, such as color screen printing, sandblasting, etching, etc. And our glass have widely used at the many corners of the world as glass beams, glass balustrades, glass skylights, glass floors, etc. Trust that we will do more and more projects in future, and warmly welcome to contact us any time when you require such big size glass, we are 100% confident that we are professional enough to provide innovative solutions to all your glass needs.

huge size exterior curtain wall glass